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The R.I.P. Team!

Film Crew & Researchers

Sovereign Lee

Derek Dodder

Russell Wilhite

Greg Dodder

Mike Dodder

Ryan Dodder

Sharon Dodder



(our Ghost K-9)

Our team and crew has always, like most, had some fascination with the paranormal and unexplained.  We have all experienced something along the lines of paranormal, and even the unidentified flying objects in our skies above!  Here we decided to form R.I.P. and do some actual live research into this phenomenon of paranormal activity, while we for sure will keep our eyes to the sky above, just in case we happen to capture something from out of this world or maybe it's just another dimension? 

Contact us and become part of the R.I.P. team and guide us with suggestions and requests and share your experiences and knowledge with us, we will dedicate some YouTube time to your stories as well.  

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