DWJ Productions is owned and operated by Greg Dodder, Russell Wilhite, Kasper Jorgensen, & Derek Dodder.

DWJ Productions is a new production company in Las Vegas Nevada.  Investing in film/video we hope to continue to grow and entertain a growing fan base of  DWJ (Dodder, Wilhite, Jorgensen) Productions.  Making investments so far into such films as "Colonials" by Bland Productions out of Los Angeles, CA, and gaining credits in such films as "Attack of the Unknown" by Mahal Empire in Las Vegas, NV, and even reaching out and into the UK with Chris Sanders on his latest film "Nest of Vampires".

We at DWJ know we will grow!  We have been building and expanding on our relationships not only as investors, but as actors & crew on independent film teams located in Las Vegas such as McFadden Family Films.  Working with McFadden on "Rise of the Catwoman", "Wolverine Lost Chapters", "Daywalker: Blade Origins." & "Temporary Forevers".   DWJ produces a web series "R.I.P. Research in Paranormal" by Derek Dodder.  

DWJ continues to develop it's own screen plays, and has several with two in the early stages of development at this time.  


We look forward to hearing from you.

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